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Recorded Tele-Seminar Library
Feel free to download any of these audios, save them to your computer, and burn them to a CD.  Make your automobile a UNIVERSITY!!!

Sunday Night, Multi-Millionaire Mentorship

Tele - Seminars

Join our Multi-Millionaire Mentor, William V. Thompson
and his special guests. 





Monday Night, Personal Wellness

Tele - Seminars

Join our Personal Wellness Mentor, Cliff Lovick, as he teaches us Principles of Personal, Family and Business Success


Monday Night, PowerBuilder Training / Leadership

Tele - Seminars

Join our Business Building Mentors as they teach you how
 to build a potent Home-Based Internet Business. 



Wednesday, Why Americans Get Sick, Featuring Walt Merriman

Join the Nation's Foremost Wellness Coach, Guru and Mentor. 

Wednesday, Tax Wellness Tele-Seminars,

Featuring Steven B. Spangenberg

Join Steven B. Spangenberg as he teaches us to maximize the 130+ Tax Deductions available to Home Business Entreprenuers
Coming Soon:



Stock Market Trading Tele-Seminars
Join T. Le Mont Silver, Sr. a former 5,000 Stock Market Workshop Speaker as he shares little known stock market techniques that could have you producing another stream of income via the stock market




Real Estate Investment Tele-Seminars

Join Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Mentor, William V. Thompson as he shares the YPL / Monopoly way to approach Real Estate Investing
Coming Soon: